$101.00 USD

Introducing the bold and audacious Silver Seeker's Hand-Poured Savage Skull. These meticulously poured skulls encapsulate the spirit of defiance and stand as a testament to unmatched craftsmanship.

Exclusive Product Features:

  • Unique Craftsmanship: Every Savage Skull boasts a distinct weight and is hand-poured by Silver Seeker, ensuring that no two skulls are the same.
  • Authentic Package: Accompanying each skull is a rustic burlap pouch, a dedicated tag, and a laser-engraved metal Certificate of Authenticity that's laminated for protection and longevity.
  • Serial Numbered Authenticity: Each Savage Skull is individually serial numbered. You can verify the authenticity and view images of your specific poured silver item on coolstax.com by entering the unique serial number.
  • Detailed Laser Engraving: The underside of each skull is intricately laser-engraved with details including its weight, purity, unique serial number, and the iconic Silver Seeker logo, confirming its distinction and authenticity.

Dive into the world of the savage with this unique Silver Seeker creation. This isn't just a poured silver item; it's a statement. Secure yours today!