$50.00 USD

Embark on an international treasure hunt with the Combo Coins Mystery Coin Box! Each pack holds a unique mix of coins from the vast world of numismatics, promising a discovery at every turn.

Potential Contents:

  • U.S. Rare and Collectible: Dive deep into America's storied coin history.
  • U.S. Silver Coins: Shining testaments to American craftsmanship.
  • World Collectible Coins: Travel through time and across borders with coins from around the globe.
  • World Silver Coins: Universal beauty in pure silver from the world over.
  • ... and a cornucopia of other coin delights waiting to be uncovered!

Note: With the vast variety of coins at our disposal, every box is a new and exciting experience. No two packs are quite the same, ensuring a unique journey with each order!

*The contents pictured here are just for an example... each box varies depending on size and value of the coins included.

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