Coolstax Pricing Details & Information

1. Unique and Customized Offerings

Our collection showcases exclusive silver items that are often rare, uniquely designed, or custom laser-engraved collectibles. The intricacy and individuality of these items typically carry a slightly higher price tag than more common silver items.

2. Pricing Reflects Market Uncertainties

Unlike some larger bullion dealers with automated pricing mechanisms, our system doesn't adjust in real-time with the ever-changing silver market. To protect against unpredictable market shifts, our items might carry a slightly higher price. This ensures that we are able to carry a consistent and large variety of semi-numi Silver coins and more!

3. A Focus on Specialty Items

You may notice our online store doesn't include everyday silver items like Silver Rounds, Silver Eagles, and other more common sovereign silver coins. Instead, we choose to center our attention on those special pieces that are more unique and collectible.

4. Bullion Mystery Boxes & Stackers Box

For enthusiasts keen on market-driven prices, our Bullion Mystery Boxes and Stackers Box are the go-to choices. Their contents are not predetermined but are selected with care based on the prevailing market prices and premiums on the day that your package is prepared and shipped!

You can learn more about our Stacker Boxes by Clicking Here!

5. Artistry Takes Time: Laser-Engraved Silver Rounds & Hand-Poured Silver

Each of our laser-engraved Silver Rounds and hand-poured silver items is a product of intense craftsmanship and dedication. The time, energy, and attention that go into creating each of these pieces make them distinct. This level of craftsmanship justifies the slightly higher pricing as we cannot mass produce them at this time.

6. Pricing Products to Canada

Items on Coolstax are price in USD. Canadian customers might see prices in CAD or USD. However, note that Stacker Boxes & Mystery Packs will display their price in USD in the description, even though the price may appear in CAD in your cart and at checkout.

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