$25.00 USD

Embark on a thrilling financial journey with the Mystery U.S. and World Currency Pack! 

Potential Contents:

  • U.S. Currency Items:
    • Silver Certificates: Explore denominations like $1, $5, and $10.
    • World War 2 Emergency Issue Notes: Reflecting historical urgencies.
    • Horseblanket Notes: Named for their expansive size.
    • Star Notes: Experience rarity with these replacement notes.
    • Errors: Captivating collectibles such as unique misprints and more.
  • World Currency: Dive into the financial stories of various nations.
  • ... and many more monetary treasures to uncover!

Note: The contents of each pack are a delightful surprise, and they vary based on the chosen pack. While it's rare for two packs to be identical, duplicates are possible, especially if you order multiple packs.

*The images displayed here are for illustrative purposes. The exact contents of each pack will vary based on the size and value of items included.

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