$100.00 USD

Introducing the Silver Seeker Bullion Box! Dive into the world of precious metals with a surprise in every box. Each shipment is a trove of Generic Silver Bullion — Bars, Rounds, and more, ensuring a different experience every time!

Potential Box Contents:

  • Generic Silver Rounds: Classic and timeless, a staple for any collection.
  • Generic Silver Bars: A tangible and weighty expression of value.
  • 90% Silver Coins: Includes Halves, Quarters, and Dimes – pieces of history in your hands.
  • ... and a host of other thrilling silver rounds & bars waiting to be discovered!

Box Dynamics:

The silver content of your mystery box hinges on your selected box size and the prevailing silver spot price at dispatch.

We can't wait for you to experience the Silver Seeker Bullion Box. We believe the anticipation of discovery will captivate you just as much as the treasures within.

*The contents pictured here are just for an example... each box varies depending on size and value of the items included.

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