$152.00 USD

Embrace the legendary grandeur with Longwei, our hand-poured silver dragon round. 'Longwei', which translates to "Dragon Greatness" in Chinese, represents the embodiment of might and wisdom in lustrous .999 fine silver. Each round is a tangible narrative of ancient legends, meticulously handcrafted to carry the powerful spirit of the dragon.

Key Attributes:

  • Composition: Individually hand-poured with an artisanal touch, using .999 fine silver for supreme purity.
  • Packaging: This piece comes with a distinctive burlap pouch and a hand-signed tag, alongside a metal laser-engraved Certificate of Authenticity (COA).
  • Obverse: The obverse proudly displays Longwei, the mighty dragon, its scales and posture detailed in striking clarity.
  • Reverse: The reverse is graced with the Silver Seeker logo, the purity and specific weight of the silver, and the name 'Longwei' laser-engraved alongside these details, a testament to its heritage and excellence.

Invite the essence of Longwei into your collection and own a piece that is not just a treasure, but a homage to ancient lore and artisanal silver craftsmanship. This round is not just a valuable asset but also a piece of art that echoes the dragon's timeless saga.