$37.00 USD

We're thrilled to present the exclusive 2023 1oz Silver Seeker Logo Round! A true embodiment of craftsmanship and elegance, this limited edition round showcases the iconic Silver Seeker logo, meticulously laser-engraved.

Round Details:

  • Obverse: Ornately adorned with the Silver Seeker logo, coupled with the year 2023. This serves as a testament to an unwavering passion for silver collecting.
  • Reverse: Embellished with the renowned YouTube Play Button. To add a personal touch, Silver Seeker's genuine signature is present, capturing the essence of the channel's spirit.
  • Composition: Constructed using 1oz of .999 Fine Silver, reflecting the impeccable quality and design.
  • Limited Availability: Emphasizing its uniqueness, only 100 rounds of this distinct design exist. Be aware, the #1 round is already claimed.

Ensuring longevity and protection from potential damage, each round is furnished with a clear coat finish.

Seize this golden opportunity to acquire your own Silver Seeker Round, ranging from numbers 1 to 100 today!