$37.00 USD

Introducing the illustrious 2023 1oz Eagle & Distressed Flag Round! This stunning piece celebrates the essence of freedom and strength with a majestic eagle soaring gracefully in front of a beautifully distressed flag, all rendered on pure silver.

Exclusive Round Features:

  • Obverse: Captures the nobility of an eagle, symbolizing freedom and might, flying gallantly in front of a distressed flag. This masterful portrayal presents a mesmerizing sight that resonates deeply with every silver enthusiast.
  • Reverse: Adorned with the distinguished YouTube Play Button and complemented by a genuine signature, granting a unique and personal touch.
  • Composition: Each round is artfully crafted using 1oz of .999 Fine Silver, designating it as both a valuable and splendid collector's item.

To ensure durability and to protect the detailed design, each round is encased in a protective clear coat finish.

Delve into the world of silver collecting with this exclusive masterpiece. These will be limited to a maximum of 100 rounds, so make sure to grab yours before they fly off the shelves!