$90.00 USD

Embark on a journey through time with the South Korean 2 oz Silver Original Sin Serpent Stackable. This finely minted piece draws inspiration from the profound biblical tale of the forbidden fruit and man's first disobedience.

Medal Highlights:

  • Weight and Purity: Each stackable contains 2 oz of .999 fine Silver, striking the perfect balance between value and volume.
  • Antique Finish: A subtle light antiquing technique is applied to enhance detail and disguise any marks that may result from stacking.
  • Protective Capsule: To ensure its pristine condition, the stackable is encapsulated, preserving its intricate design features.
  • Prestigious Origin: This exquisite piece is minted with precision in South Korea, known for its high-quality bullion products.
  • Obverse Design: The stackable showcases a sinuous serpent wrapped around an apple, with a tell-tale bite missing, invoking the story of the first sin.
  • Reverse Design: The reverse side is cleverly incused to allow for seamless stacking, with each piece fitting perfectly into the next.

Collect a piece that not only adds weight to your Silver holdings but also tells a story as old as time itself. The 2 oz Silver Original Sin Serpent Stackable is a symbolic representation of temptation and consequence, rendered in stunning silver—a conversation piece for any collector. Secure your piece of ancient lore today!