$37.00 USD

Presenting the 1992 Enviromint Indian Chief Medallion, a 1 oz .999 fine silver round that celebrates the rich cultural heritage of Native American traditions. Crafted with precision in the United States at Environmint, this silver round is more than a piece of fine silver—it's a token of history and artistry.

This medallion features stunning design elements, capturing the essence of the Indian Head Chief on the obverse and the Enviromint Logo on the reverse. As each round may contain slight imperfections, it adds to the uniqueness of the item, making it a special addition to any collection.

Medallion Features:

  • Composition: Contains 1 oz of .999 fine silver, reflecting purity and quality.
  • Obverse: Features the symbolic Indian Head Chief, representing heritage and honor.
  • Reverse: Adorned with the Enviromint Logo, adding a touch of exclusivity to the design.
  • Quality Note: Rounds could contain slight imperfections, emphasizing the individuality of each piece.

Invest in this 1992 Enviromint Indian Chief Medallion and embrace the timeless value of silver. Whether for your personal collection or as a thoughtful gift, this silver round offers both aesthetic beauty and intrinsic value. Add this remarkable piece to your collection today!