$21.99 USD

Introducing the 1976-S Silver Kennedy Half Dollar, a Bicentennial 40% Silver treasure produced exclusively in 1976-S Silver Mint Sets. With its historical significance and beautiful design, it's a perfect addition to any coin collection.

Coin Highlights:

  • Composition: Contains .1479 oz of Silver, crafted to commemorate the 200th year of American freedom.
  • Certification: Slabbed and Certified by PCGS as MS-66, ensuring its quality and value.
  • Designers: Designed by Gilroy Roberts and Seth Huntington, showcasing their exceptional skill and creativity.
  • Obverse: Features a distinctive bust of John F. Kennedy, capturing his legacy and leadership.
  • Reverse: Displays an intricate image of Independence Hall, celebrating 200 years of Freedom.
  • Mint Mark: Bears San Francisco's distinctive "S" mint mark, further enhancing its collectible appeal.

The 1976-S Silver Kennedy Half Dollar is more than just a coin; it's a piece of American history and an enduring symbol of freedom and democracy. Don't miss the opportunity to add this unique coin to your collection!