$585.00 USD

Unveiling the iconic Silver Seeker's Hand-Poured 90% Silver MEGA Bar - a symphony of tradition and modern craftsmanship. This majestic bar, made from genuine 90% silver coins, showcases an enchanting and unique surface that is testament to its raw and organic creation process.

Exclusive Product Features:

  • Purity and Weight: Weighing in at 19.43 ozt, this exquisite bar is crafted from genuine melted 90% silver coins, connecting history with contemporary artistry.
  • Hand-Poured Excellence: Personally poured by Silver Seeker, this bar is a masterpiece, reflecting the dedication and skill that goes into its creation.
  • Unique Surface: The top of the bar displays an intricate and one-of-a-kind pattern, making it a true collector's piece.
  • Detailed Engravings: The reverse of the bar is carefully laser-engraved, revealing its weight, purity, unique serial number, and the Silver Seeker logo.
  • Hand Metal Stamping: Each side of the bar boasts hand metal stampings, with "19.43 ozt" on one side and "900 Silver" on the other, ensuring its authenticity and purity.

Embrace the legacy of 90% silver coins and the innovative craftsmanship of Silver Seeker. Dive into a world of opulence with this Hand-Poured 90% Silver Coin Bar, and add a timeless piece to your collection. Get yours now!