$40.00 USD

Inspired by the famed Mandalorian body armor known throughout the galaxy, the 2021 Niue Star Wars: Mandalorian Beskar Bar represents a true symbol of strength, resilience, and cultural significance. Crafted in .999 fine Silver, this coin is reminiscent of the precious Beskar ingots exchanged in the vast universe of Star Wars.

Coin Details:

  • Composition: Contains 1 oz of .999 fine Silver.
  • Worldwide Recognition: Officially licensed with a limited worldwide mintage of 50,000 Beskar bar coins.
  • Obverse: Features the Niue coat of arms, face value, year of issue, weight, purity, and official Lucasfilm copyright for authenticity.
  • Reverse: Embodies the distinctive rippled surface and Galactic Imperial stamp of a Beskar ingot, as depicted in The Mandalorian series on Disney Plus.
  • Issuance: Presented by the sovereign government of Niue.

Embrace the allure of the galaxy's most coveted metal in its finest form. The Beskar alloy, also termed Mandalorian iron, stands as a testament to its supreme durability, capable of withstanding intense forces, including the strike of a lightsaber. Its versatility is further accentuated when molded to fit the unique desires of the Mandalorian warriors. In its bar form, Beskar becomes a symbol of wealth, value, and exchange, recognized by the wavy surface and the emblematic Galactic Imperial Crest.

Join the ranks of Mandalorians who revere Beskar, and own a piece of this legendary metal in its pure Silver form. A collector's dream and a Star Wars enthusiast's pride, this Mandalorian Beskar Ingot adds value to your collection, both as pure Silver and a one-of-a-kind collectible.